The process we follow is based on the following rules:

plastic surgery abroad

  1. Fill in the Enquiry form with the procedure you are interested in, along with photos of the specific area(s) of your body, and send them to
  2.  Holding extensive experience, Dr Kapositas will personally perform the initial assessment, and based on the strict principles of Plastic Surgery and Medicine, he will reply via an email to state his medical opinion, cost of the surgery, and total number of days you need to undergo postoperative monitoring by Dr Kapositas, for safe recovery purposes. Please bear in mind that not everyone is a good candidate for a plastic surgery, and we follow strict guidelines in choosing the best candidates. Thus, with 18 years of experience in the field, the complication rate is extremely low.
  3. Should you accept the cost of the procedure, you then must fill in the Medical history form
  4. We will thoroughly examine your medical history, and determine the surgery date and time required for recovery. In case we deem it necessary, you must fill in the pre-op test form and undergo basic preoperative tests prior to your visit here.
  5. At the final stage of the procedure, you must book your air-tickets and your hotel room and send us the Booking form. Dr Kapositas will send you the final instructions prior to your surgery.
  6. On the day before the surgery, you must visit Dr Kapositas’s office for the final consultation, and a detailed analysis on the procedure you are interested in undergoing.
  7. During the period of stay in our country, there are many options available to spend some quality time; you can visit the city’s and the neighboring islands’ sightseeings, but always in accordance with the requirements of the procedure you were subjected to, and the time you stay in our country. Dr Kapositas will advise you on safe recovery and mini-holidays, while being constantly focused on the excellent outcome of the surgery.