Plastic surgery & software technology

It is well known that plastic surgery is designed to correct body and facial deformities that occurred naturally, either from birth or developed later in life. The surgeon will discuss, plan and eventually agree with the candidate upon the right treatment and/or procedure.

The surgeon, in an effort to explain the anticipated result with the candidate, charts artistically on the candidate's picture with a view to producing an approximation of the potential outcome. This is extremely useful as it helps the candidate to manage his/her expectations, thus resulting in a satisfying and exhilarating feeling.

Since the 80's, the traditional tactics used to achieve the above simulation were the analysis of photos for people whom undergone similar procedures (such as Jack Sheen, UCLA, Los Angeles), especially for rhinoplasty and genioplasty cases, whereas Peter Mc Kinney at Chicago (personal communication) uses an anatomic nose similitude in conjunction with his photo gallery. Similarly, plastic surgeons all over the world adopt similar tactics.

Kapositas Plastic Surgery


 Computers and the latest technological advancements solved many of the aforementioned problems.

We use sophisticated computer simulated programs (software) in line with digital technology to illustrate the different types of simulated results in order to help our candidates make informed decisions and manage their expectations.

The above process represents a valuable guide not only for the surgeon but also for the candidate who can see the possible simulated results on screen.

We want to empower and assist you as you explore the possibilities of how plastic and cosmetic surgery can change your life.