Thigh lift surgery (Thighplasty)

Πλαστική κοιλιάς

Thighplasty lifts and stretches loose thigh skin. The surgeon removes the loose skin from the legs and the skin is stretched to deliver a juvenile and pleasing look.

The procedure is performed in individuals with excessive skin as a result of weight loss or bariatric surgery. It is also applied in patients with loose skin due to aging. In all cases, the objective of the surgery is to give the legs a more youthful look.

The procedure removes excessive skin and it may also be combined with liposuction, to remove localized fat deposits and maximize the result.


The basic technique is to remove any excessive skin from the inner thigh area. The final incision is performed on the thigh-groin area and is not visible.

 The technique helps restore a significant number of cases. When skin loosening is extended and affecting the inner thigh area up to the midpoint and beyond, we must then consider combining the technique with the internal incision which is parallel to the thigh and looks like a ‘T’.

To undergo the procedure, you must have a good overall health status, cut down on smoking and be realistic.

All candidates, males and females, undergo a compulsory preoperative check-up prior to the surgery.


Recovery is relatively fast. The patient need not be hospitalized, unless s/he has undergone combined plastic surgery, and is thus deemed imperative. 2 days after the surgery, women can have a bath, and all operated patients are administered antibiotics and, if needed, analgesics, e.g. Depon or Lonarid.




Watch the procedure on video.

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Thigh-lift Photos Before - after