Over the years, pregnancy(-ies), nutrition and gravity significantly affect a woman’s breast and may change its position and shape. As skin loses its elasticity, the breast loses its shape and turgescence and drooping begins. Breast lift, or mastopexy, is a surgical procedure which lifts the breast and restores its shape. If your breast is small or has lost its volume after a pregnancy for example, we can place an implant (breast augmentation) while we perform mastopexy. In this way, we achieve both breast lift and enlargement.

Who can be subjected to breast lift?

 First of all, the candidate must be healthy and realistic. The best results are delivered when treating small and sagging breasts. The procedure for the restoration and reshaping of the breast must be performed after pregnancy and breastfeeding, and when family planning is over.

Mastopexy does not affect future pregnancies or breastfeeding. When visiting the plastic surgeon, make sure to describe what is exactly you have in mind. After the examination, your surgeon will recommend the most applicable method for your case. It must be noted that on many occasions a breast lift is combined with breast augmentation, and sometimes an implant is the only thing required to achieve the desired lift.

Typically, anesthesia is general or local with conscious sedation (in very few cases).

The surgical technique

Techniques and operation times vary. The most common surgery entails the anchor-like technique, aka inverted-T technique. The breast has a new look and the nipple-areola complex is placed at a higher level. The skin becomes really firm, and via the techniques recently reported in Orlando, Florida, USA, we can also restore breast volume.

The incision is closed with absorbable stitches. In women with small breasts, smaller incisions, elliptical or donut-shaped, are required. Women with marginal ptosis merely require an implant, while others need a combination of techniques, depending on the problem and the woman’s desire.

Breast lift with implants only


Breast lift with implants
Breast lift with implants

Breast lift with circular incision


Breast lift
Breast lift

Breast lift with circular and vertical incision


Breast lift
Breast lift

Breast lift with inverted-T incision


After the surgery

After the surgery, you wear a special sports bra. The breast may manifest some bruising and you may feel some discomfort during the first 2 days, but the pain is tolerable and controlled with mild analgesics. A few days later, we remove the dressing and place a light bandage. The special bra must be worn for 3-4 weeks. Postoperative numbness is normal and remission occurs soon.

Resumption of everyday and work activities takes place approximately within 4 to 5 weeks, depending on how you feel. Lifting weights must be avoided for 2-4 weeks. Please bear in mind that your plastic surgeon will do the best he can to avoid leaving marks and he will recommend a special healing cream for you to massage the incision. At first, the incision will be pink, but it will become discolored over time.

A woman who has fully understood her breast augmentation or lift procedure prior to the surgery is more pleased with her results.

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Real story-patient testimonials

Kapositas Plastic Surgery
Breast lift case combined with implants Prior to her two pregnancies, Eleni’s breast size was 3 (C cup). After the childbirths, her breast emptied and sized down to B. At the same time, her breast exhibited a mild ptosis. She underwent moderate breast lift with circular and vertical incisions (Dennis Hammond technique) for breast rejuvenation. Cohesive I 275 cc silicone implants were placed to restore breast volume and firmness. Watch Eleni on video describing her experience, 6 months after she was operated by Dr. Kapositas.




Breast lift. Photos Before - after