Video testimonials

Angela Buttrey: USA

OPERATION: Breast reduction/breast lift

Ok, here are my true feelings!
Well, DR. KAPOSITAS, you must be a magical human being because of the trust I felt in you! I live in Los Angeles and it took me 3 years to find and trust the right plastic surgeon.
I even went to an appointment for a consultation and I got cold feet. Visiting Greece, I mentioned your name to a cousin of mine and she recommended you right away, since she had a friend that had done an eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) and knew your name from TV, anyway. I wanted to have the breast reduction, so bad!! I didn't even ask you that many questions and I knew you would take care of what I needed. I liked feeling confident about you, I felt you were thoughtful, direct, human on top of professional and I liked your smile and humor.! So, I arrived at the clinic.

Everyone there was great! All the tests went quick and the next thing I know I'm at the surgery table. No anxiety! I knew you'd perform the miracle I wanted so much! And you did! Recovery was easy too. The pain was bearable, and minimal.

Now, I'm able to wear all kinds of cute tops and dresses again! I feel good, I look good and it's thanks to you!

I'd recommend you again, and again. Thank you so much, Dr. Kapositas!


OPERATION: Breast augmentation

Well, where shall I begin....
I am married and have one son.
I had a major complex about me being flat chested, I never wore dresses, I could never buy langerie that I liked, I used to buy bras\' with silicone sowed into them, till one day that bra started to leak, I didn't feel anything, till I went to the bathroom and saw in the mirror a wet patch right under my left breast, I felt terrrible, I didn't know where to put my face, I asked for one hour leave from work, thank goodness I lived close by, went home, got changed, but that was when I got angry, really frustrated about me being flat chested, having to wear this silicone bra with 35 degrees outside, that\'s when I had a discussion with my husband, I told him I was thinking of having breast augmentation done, and he offered to make it a gift for me.

That\'s when the research started, I had a lot of fears, the dangers involving such surgeries, hearing of different situations which had a negative result in the end. I was determined to see for myself, after a whole lot of research, I accidently got linked to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery site, which got me to find Dr. Kapositas in Greece, I was relieved that I found a plastic surgeon who was highly qualified. I arranged for an appointment, he saw me, he got rid of all my doubts, by answering alot of questions, he even let me see a patient of his, which had breast augmentation done.

I went through with the procedure, it felt good looking down and seeing that I have what I always desired, something truly feminine, something that I was always envious of.

After a few weeks from surgery, a friend came up to me, not knowing that I had done the surgery, thinking that she could stop me in time ,she told me to get into a link, which I didn't see, this site talked about another women who had breast augmentation done, somewhere in the States, and it showed all the dangers that silicone does to the body, dreadful photos taken of women\'s breasts who had undergone breast augmentation, and what they went through to get their body healthy agian...God, I was so shocked, I paniced, I had these things in me?. I printed all this info I had found and went to Dr. Kapositas.

I went into his office full of tears in my eyes, scared of what will happen to me, I took out all the printed info, which was quite a few, I dropped it onto his desk, and told him with fear in my eyes, that if I was going to turn out like the photos, I wanted the silicones out of me....now!

He tried to calm me down, he assured me that these problems, were when silicone first started getting used for breast augmentations, that there was no way something like that would happen to me.

I felt better once having Dr. Kapositas
talk openly to me, he hugged me and told me to throw all that printout into the rubbish where it belonged. As I left his office,that\'s exactly what I did.

Now 8 months after my surgery, I am not only feeling better about my appearance, being very pleased with been able to wear what I want, I am healthy.
From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank Dr. Kapositas for been so professional yet so humanly too.

Thank You for changing the way I feel about my body and how natural they look.
Which ever women is thinking of undergoing breast augmentation...Dr. Kapositas is the way to do it!


Joanne Samoili
Operation: Tummy tuck

Do you remember when i first came into your office ? I had already gone to see a few surgeons before you and bombarded you with so many questions. You were of course very cool under my pressuring inquisitiveness. Your expertise became as clearly evident as your kindness and patience, and sensitivity.

You are gifted and have a wonderful talent. I'm very pleased with what you did in forming the new me "that definitely took talent" Its only been a week since my TT & MR and the difference is breath catching, and continuing to see myself improve. This surgery was much easier than i thought, my friends can see a big difference in me i have become the person that i was many years ago..

I want to thank you for all your kindness and expertise, thoughtfulness, patience and most of all for being the wonderful person that you are.
From the very first moment you made me feel complete at ease. You were understanding, compassionate and polite and unobtrusive I felt totally safe in your care as well as the care of the clinic they went far beyond my expectations and I thank you for regarding me as a person and not just a faceless "chart" by listening respecting and performing top quality surgery.

You have made a big difference in my life and I'm glad I had you as my surgeon, and now you are a special person in my life and your name will be spoken with kindness and to all my friends who are wanting surgery done your name is at the top of the list.

Thank you Very much Nodas Its hard to find the words to tell you the difference that you have made in my life.

Peggy Arnold

I had a breast reduction in January of this year (2008) and I am so thrilled with the results. From the consultation right through to the hospital care I could not fault the kindness and procedures throughout the whole experience. Dr Kapositas was very patient while I asked endless questions and was very reassuring so that I had no worries about the operation both before or after. I was surprised at how little pain I had and wished that I had had a reduction years ago. I used to suffer from neck and back pain and that has now vanished I am much more confident about my posture too.
Thank you Dr Kapositas and staff - I do not hesitate to recommend you.

Lisa Pandis
Operation:Upper-Lower Eyelid Surgery (blepharoplasty)

Mr Kapositas has OPENED my eyes to the world of Plastic Surgery...In more ways than one!!!

9 days ago I underwent an upper and lower eyelift and already the bruising has gone and people are noticing a difference. I am so pleased to have found Mr Kapositas and would recommend him to anyone.

He has a lovely demeanour and intstantly puts you at ease. The procedure was painless and the results are amazing already. It was really nice to meet a Doctor in Greece who treats you like a person, not another faceless name on their books.

Anyone considering an eyelift - look no further, Mr Kapostitas is THE BEST

Country:UK &Ireland
Operation: Face & neck Lift/Breast reduction- Lift

I was worried that a Face Lift would took un-natural,but I am delighted with the results,and I would recommend the procedure to anyone else who has doubts.

The surgical care was also excellent-I believe much better than I would have received in the U.K.The breast reduction/lift was carried out to a similarly high standard and I am delighted with the results.But, most of all, I appreciated the caring nature of Dr Kapositas and his staff.If there is anyone else who is considering similar procedures I’d be happy to talk with them.
8th January 2006

Name: Carol Powell
Operation: Breast augmentation, Face lift

I was very impressed by Dr Kapositas as the consultation was excellent, explained everything very well and put me at ease about my operations going into detail exactly what procedures would take place. Dr Kapositas exceed my expectations and I was absolutely delighted with the results of the augmentation and face lift. I would totally recommend him for his expertise and of his high standards for aftercare. I am certain I will be back for more procedures.

Name: Jean Beavan
Operation: Chin implant, Genioplasty

Dr Kapositas
I am writing to say that the care and hospitality you provided exceeded what I had hoped for. Your lovely manner put me at ease, and the hospital staff were also very supportive and friendly. I would recommend you to anybody and want to thank you once again for everything.
Jean Beavan

Name: Amber Hickey
Country: UK
Surgery performed: Breast Augmentation, Liposuction

After arriving safely back in the UK, I would just like to say thank you very much for the surgery you did on me! The pain is easing every day and I am already thinking about having other procedures!

I was very happy with my stay in Athens and all your staff were very nice and professional.

I was impressed with the cleanliness of the clinic and hospital and general treatment of me and would not hesitate to return to Athens if I decided to have more done!

I have recommended you to my friends and already one friend of David's is seriously considering it at the moment. We gave her your website address.

I thought I would email you quickly to let you know I have healed very well from the surgery you performed on me back in June.

Cosmetic surgery has actually changed my life and I have even recently been selected to do modelling and am I thinking of visiting you again for more surgery soon.

Name: Libby Khan
Operation: Breast implants change, re-augmentation/ Liposuction

I want to thank Dr. Kapositas to taking the time to listen to my needs and what I had realistically had plan to achieve. He is very professional. A doctor you can truly trust and expect amazing results from. A doctor who truly cares. I would use again if I needed anything done again. My results are amazing! THE BEST! Thank you, DR. Kapositas...

Name: Claire Morgan
Operation: Tummy tuck,breast lift

I was very impressed by Dr Kapositas because he was very easy to talk to and did a fantastic job better than I could ever wish for.

Diana Heze
Operation:Midface- neck lift,lower eyelid plasty,nasolabial folds injections and lip plasty

Extremely helpful and quick response time. Shown great concern regarding my health during the pre operative examination.
During the consultation he explained entire procedure in detail. Extremely confident in the Doctor's knowledge and skills.
The fact that could save money with high quality surgical care and vacations at the same time was excellent.
Doctor was excellent."bedside manners"!!

Name: Sammie Pierce
Country: USA
Surgery performed: Gynecomastia

The new chest you gave me looks great and has given me new confidence. I am swimming again without my shirt being on. Thanks so much.

I definitely would like to have liposuction done and I will visit you again pretty soon.

Name: Steward Dixon
Country: UK
Surgery performed: Liposuction

I feel good and thank you for your help with the surgery performed.

I look forward to seeing you in January for some more treatment.

The initial information provided was very efficient and the consultation was quick and informative. The standards of the hospital was very good and you have actually meet my expectations.

I found very beneficial the speed and service of all people concerned.

I would rate my experience 9 out of 10.

Name: Gillian Demet
Surgery Performed: Breast Lift
Country: UK

I could not be happier with the results achieved as well as the overall service and experience in Athens.

Every care was taken to make sure I understood the benefits of having a breast lift as well as the risks and potential complications

I felt that Dr Kapositas met my expectations and I was very impressed with the personal attention which was better than England

The hospital was very nice and I rate my experience 10/1

Name: T J
Surgery Performed: Breast Augmentation, Liposuction
Country: UK

The website was very informative and I received a call back soon after I requested it, which was excellent.

The consultation was very informative and friendly.Made me feel at ease and I trusted the Dr Kapositas,after he made complications clear to me.

In the hospital everyone was helpful.Overall the hospital stay was satisfactory.

I knew a lot about the surgery before I come, so i found the friendly and helpful atmosphere helped me feel at ease.I Rate my experience 8/10 overall, good enough to come back if i need any other surgery performed.

Dr Kapositas,met my expectation and hopefully more so as the Liposuction results will improve with time.

Name: Donna Crooks
Country: Scotland
Operation: Tummy tuck/Liposuction

The initial enquiry was dealt promtly and got all information needed.

During the consultation all questions were answered accurately and Dr Kapositas explained what was going to happen.

He was really nice and welcoming.

The hospital staff were friendly and did everything for me. Initially, I was a bit wary going abroad for surgery but I am glad I have come to Athens. I would not hesitate to come back.

My overall experience was excellent and I will recommend Dr Kapositas to my friends back in the UK and Come back if I need more surgery.

Name: Marcia Prince
Country: London, UK
Operation: Breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck

I feel very good getting such a great result and I was looked after very well by all staff.

I feel like I am back in control of my life and I am confident now to go back and work as a model.

Name:Racie Layton
Operation:Breast augmentation

Just a quick note to let you know that I am doing very well, no complications or problems.

I have very little discomfort and the incision sites are healing nicely. I will make a appointment with my general practitioner later this month for a full check up, but I am already going back to work tomorrow.

I just wanted to say thank you for doing such a wonderful job and I look forward to seeing you next year.

Mon Harvey
Operation: Tummy/Liposuctiom

I just wanted to thank you for everything. You are a true MD you trusted me even when there was a problem with my credit card.. Your service was excellent and your staf at the hospital were great... You made this experience a lot easier for me and i thank you... You should be getting an email from an American named Allen Marshall.He wants a tummy tuck surgery.

Lynda Orchard
Operation: Eyelid Surgery-Lip Plasty

I apologise for not contacting you earlier My surgery has gone really well. When I have the time I will email photographs to you.There is a significant difference in my appearance which I am very happy with.Thank you for everything and I will be in touch in the near future.

Amy Nicolas
Country: UK
Operation:Breast augmentation,upper eyelid surgery

Dr. Kapositas,
I am very pleased with my breast augmentation and blepharoplasty. I love my eyes. I'm so glad I went to you for my surgeries, and I will return for any other work.