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Female breast

Following massive weight loss, a number of women are concerned about their breast. Breasts comprise mostly fat, and thus a dramatic weight loss makes breasts drop and look flat. Breast contouring is one of the most common reasons women with a huge weight loss visit our office.


Lower body lift after massive weight loss

The procedure aims to change the form and shape of the lower half of the body after dramatic weight loss. So this procedure is called circular abdominoplasty or lower body lift.
Just think that removing excess skin may relieve you from 5 to 10 kg.


Gynecomastia-pseudogynecomastia after weight loss

Men represent 15-20% of all patients undergoing bariatric surgery for weight loss purposes. The number is constantly increasing and, in theory, the number of men seeking for plastic restoration after weight loss shows constantly increasing trends.


New study about tummy tuck

While body contouring has been considered a purely aesthetic procedure, a new report found that the plastic surgery procedure could promote maintenance of  a healthy weight following gastric bypass surgery.


Breast reduction vs bariatric surgery: which one should precede?

Losing weight and undergoing cosmetic plastic surgeries are two common ways many individuals choose to improve their overall appearance.


Flabby arms: a key point after weight loss

he harsh reality is that after a successful diet or surgical procedure, you may be left with quite significant excess skin.
Although exercise, which is highly recommend, can tone up your muscles, unfortunately is has zero impact on loose skin. This is particularly evident, especially on hot summer days.


Lop & Cup ears

There is a group of deformities involving the outline of the auricle, and give the impression of a folded-compressed auricle. The terms "Cup ear”, “Lop ear”, “constricted ear”, “canoe ear”, “cockleshell ear”, are used to describe these malformations


Children and Otoplasty: is it the answer to bullying?

Stephanie Smith, the mother of a six-year-old, contacted aesthetic surgeon Dr. Joe Niamtu in panic.

Her daughter Olivia had quit ballet because when she wore her hair in the mandatory bun, the other kids laughed at her.


Prominent earlobes

Earlobes are located on the same line with the rest of the ear. There are cases where earlobes are incorrectly positioned in front of the ear. The defect is present at birth.


Prominent ears

Prominent ears are the most common disorder of the pinnas (auricles, visible part of the ear) protruding from the head.

The ear is composed of a cartilage and is throughout covered by skin and a thin layer of subcutaneous fat. Normally, ears protrude from the head by 1.8-2 cm.


Liposuction is rising - ASAPS

Having spent many years on the top of plastic surgery charts, breast augmentation is no longer the most popular procedure in the USA. According to 2013 statistics, liposuction is the new trend.


Which is the best liposuction technique?

With so many methods of lipo I am really confused and also scheduled for traditional lipo. What is the best way? laser/smart lipo?


Liposuction Abroad-reviews

Well, DR. KAPOSITAS, you must be a magical human being because of the trust
I felt in you! I live in Los Angeles and it took me 3 years to find and trust the right plastic surgeon.


Smart Lipo: Liposuction using Laser: Pros & Cons

Laser-assisted liposuction pros and cons were discussed at the annual conference of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in April 2010. Mr. Franklin Dispaltro was the moderator and Messrs Barry DiΒernardo and Jeffrey M.Kenkel were participating speakers


A survey on the liposuction techniques plastic surgeons prefer to apply

It is true that many new technologies have been introduced in the field of liposuction and other fat removal procedures. But which are most commonly used by plastic surgeons in the USA and which of them are safe?


Liposuction and small waist (Love Handles)

Women choose liposuction to achieve an hourglass figure


Liposuction that works: on visible and invisible fat

Patients considering undergoing liposuction may believe that removing fat also removes some of the problems associated with obesity, such as high blood pressure or cholesterol levels.


Lip fillers. Non surgical technique, Injectable materials

In the late 1990s, with the expansion of plastic surgery worldwide, more and more substances and biocompatible material began to be applied by plastic surgeons in order to increase lip volume and enhance lip outline (Paris Lip).


Teens and plastic surgery

Reviewing recent years’ statistics, we see an increase in aesthetic surgeries, but the percentage of young patients aged 18or under remains steady, with the most popular procedures in 2009 being the non invasive ones, such as hair removal and chemical peeling, says the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).


Could smoking marijuana and Indian cannabis cause gynecomastia?

Dr. Anthony Youn, is not just a plastic surgeon in Detroit, but also the writer of the book "In Stitches", a humorous memoir of his Asian and American origin, and his desire to become a doctor.
(CNN) – A young man in his 20s, let’s call him George, stands before me in the examination room.


Gynecomastia – male breast reduction

The procedure is performed to reduce large male breasts, a condition known as gynecomastia or pseudogynecomastia due to large fat deposits in overweight people. Gynecomastia affects all ages.


Plastic surgeons see an increase in male breast reduction surgeries

Over the last years, there have been many reports on the media regarding the number of men undergoing a surgical procedure to improve their appearance.


Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid was invented by Meyer and Palmer in 1934. It is a polysaccharide isolated in the eyes of bovid. it is extensively used in surgery, orthopedics and plastic surgery.



Botox was invented in 1895. The first attempt to isolate toxin was made in 1920 by Herman Sommer. In 1950, Dr Vernon Brooks found how Botulinum toxin (BTX) works by inhibiting acetylcholine.


Loose facial skin – Face & neck lifting

Face is the central organ in the human body and the center of feelings and emotions. Anatomically, it consists of skin, subcutaneous fat, fascias, and muscle and nerve regions.