Abdominoplasty and liposuction combined

Lynn talks about the reasons that led her to a body contouring surgery. Soon after her decision on abdominoplasty, Lynn decided to correct her body contour at the same time.

She reports: “No one wants her hips distorting her beautiful and flat tummy image”.

I told my doctor that if we were to proceed with the surgery, why not go further and make my body look harmonious and natural-looking? I was not one of the fortunate ones born with long and thin legs.

My legs always had a greater amount of fat than wanted. Thus, I decided I wanted to also correct the inner line of my legs, and make them look longer and thinner..

I have to confess, that having the surgery, made me feel more comfortable and sexier in tight jeans and short pants.” Lynn chose this method both to reduce recovery time and avoid undergoing two separate procedures.

In this way, she made sure that her stomach and thighs would match. For this reason, she talked to her doctor to make sure she obtains the most natural-looking result possible. Lynn’s legs had the tendency to accumulate more weight than normal.

For this reason, she decided to simultaneously correct her inner thigh line. This made her legs look longer and thinner. Now, when wearing a swim suit, tight jeans or short pants, she feels her self-esteem boosted.

“In my opinion, pain should not discourage people from having this kind of procedures. Personally, I would have the surgery again, without second thoughts. I think the benefits of the surgery outdo the disadvantage of pain”.

Lynn says that most people do not realize that the medication used deliver numbness for a longer period than required, which results in pain being dramatically reduced.

In addition, she feels that the fear of pain should not be a reason to avoid the surgery; the benefit really outweighs the least ordeal. “Everything has to do with how you look in your clothes and how you feel about yourself when you get dresses for an occasion.

I used to feel good when I entered a room with 100 persons. Now I feel great! I know I look the best for my age”. Lynn feels more comfortable with her body and appearance and this is more than evident. As she says, her self-esteem is boosted, and she has better prospects for life.


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