Drooping nose

Farewell drooping nose! Rhinoplasty in elderly candidates

Your nose and chin will continue to grow over time, while the rest facial characteristics will retain their size.

Apart from unwanted progressions occurring with aging, to most people rhinoplasty is not expected.

Most people, when thinking of candidates to undergo a rhinoplasty, instinctively think of desperate teens.

A NY surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty says a number of post middle-aged patients ask for a nasal reduction.

In his interview to lifegoesstrong.com in April, he says that many patients fell funny when observing a major change in their appearance.

They have the feeling their nose is still growing and looks funny, given they are not used to this enlargement.

Just like breasts and earlobes, nose does get older due to gravity. Drooping may get worse by nose skin thickening, and so our nose looks even bigger.

The good news is that in elderly patients with drooping nose, rhinoplasty can restore its young appearance. This may be easier that a traditional nose surgery, yet it involves nasal bones breaking.
To correct a drooping nose, cartilage grafting may be used, which requires only a short-term recovery period.

To ensure the optimal surgical outcome, contact a plastic surgeon certified by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Rhinoplasty in elderly patients is often combined with a face, neck or eyelids lift, as part of a total rejuvenation process..


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