New advances lead to rhinoplasty increasing trends

In the early days of aesthetic surgery, people were hesitant to undergo a rhinoplasty, due to the fear of unsatisfying results and long-term recovery.

However, new advances in the field of plastic surgery now offer more safety to those considering it a high-risk procedure, according to KPVI, a subsidiary of NBC. The news source reports that about 15% of all rhinoplasties are correction surgeries, and that recovery time is dramatically reduced.

New methods and technological devices contribute in increased patient satisfaction, while they offer more options to surgeons to correct an unpleasant nose and face look.

Now, patients are able to better understand the postoperative result, after their full recover. Computers and related software allow them to view their possible results beforehand.

New technology, including new options used during a nose surgery, have encouraged young adults and adolescents to undergo plastic surgery, a procedure that might boost their self-esteem. Having said that, one should always bear in mind that rhinoplasties are surgical procedures requiring proper training and detailed surgery planning and execution.

To get a preoperative rhinoplasty evaluation, search for a board certified surgeon, e.g. a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


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