Plastic surgery post weight loss

To understand massive weight loss, picture your body as a balloon that gradually deflates. Your skin starts to get loose and lacks elasticity. This occurs because excess skin stretches, and then, following massive weight loss, it relaxes and sags.

The skin is now loose, breasts are flat and sagging, and face and chin sag, too. The skin under the arms also sags. In addition, skin and fat deposits get loose, much like thighs.

In men, breast sags and in case of gynecomastia present, the latter is more evident after massive weight loss. Both in men and women, the abdomen deflates and sags.

That is why so many men and women who lost a significant amount of weight, either with diet or exercise or bariatric surgery (Sleeve, gasrtic bypass, gastric band, stomach folding) come to us in order to complete their effort and re-shape their face and body.

So, if you have lost a lot of weight, there’s no need to disappoint! You should know that your new skin is more than what your body needs. The procedures required depend on the parts you want to correct. Usually, it’s male and female breast, male and female abdomen, thighs, arms, buttocks, face.

Dr Nodas Kapositas performs private practice Aesthetic Plastic Surgery since 1998, and his professional scope extends from breast to body to face plastic surgery.

he graduated from the School of Medicine, University of Ioannina, and completes his postgraduate training in 1997 at the University of Illinois, Chicago, USA on a 3-year scholarship from IKY. Ever since, he holds active membership in the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) as well as in the Hellenic Society of Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery (HESPRAS).

He received his doctorate from the School of Medicine, University of Athens in 2003. Since 1998 he performs Plastic Surgeries in Athens, while he has extended his practice throughout Greece and abroad. .


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