Chin augmentation may be recommended during rhinoplasty

To ensure an aesthetically balanced result, plastic surgeons performing rhinoplasties should evaluate the possibility of a chin augmentation, says a new research presented in 2009 at the annual meeting of the American Head and Neck Plastic Surgery Academy in San Diego, California.

In fact, the above research highlights the complications that may occur. The chin and nose are important features of one’s profile and, according to experts, not considering a simultaneous chin augmentation procedure may contribute to postoperative disappointment.

The study was conducted based on the 100 most recent photos of patients that had undergone rhinoplasty, using the four most popular evaluation methods (Silver, Legan, Merriford and Gonzales-Ulloa).

Based on these evaluations, 17 to 62% of men and 39 to 81% of women could benefit from an evaluation pertaining to chin augmentation. 21% of men and 58% of women positively respond to three or more methods.

Experts support that while the “perfect dace” does not exist, balanced facial characteristics are quite significant in delivering a natural-looking result to the patient.

In cases where surgery modifications are made, experts believe that a surgeon is responsible to fully inform his patients on the complications every procedure could entail.


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