The ideal age for rhinoplasty

The ideal age to get a rhinoplasty is not strictly defined. The youngest age a girl can undergo rhinoplasty is 15-17 years, while a boy can have the surgery at the age of 17-19 years, given it is the time one’s nose is fully developed.

In women, skeletal maturity can occur whenever between the age of 13 to 15 years, while men present skeletal maturity at the age of 14 16 years.
Juvenile patients should be emotionally ready to be subjected to a surgery of this kind, and be in a position to understand all aspects of the procedure.

Having a rhinoplasty at a younger age than required may lead to problems, such as severe nasal airways obstruction or deviation, which requires a functional correction procedure.
For this reason, a surgical procedure should always be planned according to the patient’s individual symptoms.


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