Thigh lift after weight loss

Post dramatic weight loss patients manifest skin looseness on the inner thigh area. This leads to friction between the legs, and moisture and rush development.

The procedure entails two techniques:

In the first technique, an incision is performed on the inner thigh crease and is hidden inside that crease. In the second technique, the incision is vertically made to stretch thigh skin both horizontally and vertically.
It is a day-clinic procedure, and patients do not require hospitalization. Patients must avoid intense activities for 7-14 days, and physical exercise must be avoided for 4 weeks. We place a special bandage on our operated patients.

Incisions heal gradually and how they look postoperatively depends on one’s skin. The sutures we use are internal with a special tissue adhesive. After the procedure you will feel different; with or without clothes, on the beach, during your intimate moments


Watch the procedure on video.

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